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Welcome to Claruspon

Claruspon is building enabling technologies that will change the landscape of access networks. The benefits - lowering OPEX in order of magnitude, rich revenue streams from new services models.

Claruspon Systems is formed in a time (year 2010) where broadband access network has no clear direction within this industry. Worse there is a severe disconnection among research, standardization, deployments and business models. Industry supply chains are suffering from reduced profit margin partly due to competition and partly due to supply chain pressure originated from lowering CAPEX expenditure. The problem is so profound that we have seen market exits and M&A across the whole supply chains since mid-2000. We do not believe the broadband industry can grow further under current cost structure and services model. A change is needed. Technologies have advanced to the point that new equipments needed for these changes can be implemented and tested. What is also needed is to prepare the mind for change. Realizing the services providers are not so good at building an efficient networks and streamlining their operation costs, we have determined to advance the current technologies and services model to the next level where the OPEX can be reduced in order of magnitude and multiple services models can be efficiently consolidated over years. With this we hope to create new demand and balance point where both the supply chain and the services providers can maintain their profit margins and growth.

Claruspon represents a company name that has clear ("Clarus" means "Clear" in Latin) vision and solutions yet built upon current PON (Passive Optical Networks) technologies, its cost structure and services model.

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